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We were blessed with weekly tea. That served up so hot that I’m sure I have a blister.

Dramageddon Re-Surfacing

So if you don’t know, which is a lot; people have been blowing lids off the spectacle that we call “The Beauty Community”. Jeffree Star simply can’t keep his lies straight, and James Charles ignoring the drama.

With speculation that legal teams have been dispersing cease and desist letters all around. It is no wonder that Jeffree Starr is tip toeing around his lies with the lack of evidence. He recently was a guest on Keemstars’ podcast “Moms’ Basement”; where he opened up to Faze Banks, and Keemstar. They discussed a variety of topics but none of which were as heated as the James Charles drama of last year.

The star had openly commenting on his thoughts behind the whole ordeal. Openly blaming Tati another Beauty Guru, and Mogul; of whom he is not friends with.

“She should have never uploaded that”

Stated Jeffree Star about Tati

Giving his “honest” opinion surrounding James Charles; we were sure enough ready to strap in. With Jeffree behind the wheel; expecting is the worse you can do.

While Jeffree has been out of the “Drama, light” these recent months, besides his viral video in Shane Dawsons series; Highlighting Jeffree’s wealth and eccentric personality. The series received controversy for simply being a cash grab; to sell a makeup pallete. Rather than giving the the audience what they really wanted “Dramageddon”.

While Jeffree throws Tati under the bus repeatedly stating:

“It’s so f*cked because everyone wants to make out – ‘you ruined James Charles’ career’ – no, Tati did and uploaded a 40-minute video about him and she should have never uploaded that. But she did,” Jeffree told the hosts. “And for some reason James Charles thinks that me and Shane [Dawson] orchestrated the whole thing, like we f*cking care.”


James Charles has kept his mouth closed on addressing any of the drama with Jeffree Starr. Which many would say is a strategic move PR wise. The beauty star has gone as far as, declining uncertain interviews. For example, the Beauty Guru was also set to appear on the same podcast that Jeffree Starr appeared on. James later declined the invitation thus, making Keemstar to publicly announce he was looking for a replacement for that segment.

Who do you believe is to blame for the James Charles drama? Are you team Jeffree or James? Do you think they all have something to hide? Id love to hear your opinions below!

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